PowerShell SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 Error Changing Variation Label Display Name

I have setup a multilingual WCM site with 6 languages. I created the web application and then setup variations to test the language pack installation. It was a test site with English as my source language. I used the Display Name for each variation which was in written in English rather then using the native […]

PowerShell SQL Server

PowerShell Script to check SQL server connectivity, version, custering status, user permissions

SharePoint service account requires dbcreator and securityadmin roles to setup a farm. Often time it is neglected by the clients while provisioning the accounts as in most cases there are two different teams involved in this the Active Directory team and the DBA’s whose manages the SQL Server platform. The missing right are discovered late […]

SharePoint Windows

SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Installing Support for East Asian Languages

We are trying to setup a multilingual public facing site using SharePoint’s WCM features. We wanted several languages which also included Korean, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified). Back when I deployed SP2007 on Windows Server 2003 for a multilingual solution, I had to install some operating system specific file to get support for East Asian Languages […]

Exchange SharePoint

Configuring SharePoint 2010 Document Libraries with Exchange Server 2010 to receive mails from internal/external world

This article will help you to configure SharePoint 2010/2007 server to receive Incoming emails. Following are high level step in order to configure this

  • Configure SMTP Server on SharePoint Server which will receive emails
  • Configure SharePoint to pick up the email from the SMTP server
  • Configure Document Library to receive email
  • Configure Exchange Server, create External Email ID
  • Configure Exchange Server, create "Transport Rule"
  • Configure Exchange Server, create "Send Connector"

Installation Issue SharePoint Server 2010 Release Candidate on Domain Controller

I just got the RC bits for SharePoint Server 2010 (14.0.4730.1010). Well the good news is that the prerequisites installer now takes care of the WCF Hot Fix required. Apart from this there is no change in Prerequisites. To fully utilize the SharePoint functionality and to overcome the restriction on using Local Account we decided […]


SharePoint 2010 Resources on Architecture, Planning, Search, SDK

Here are some resources which will help you to learn more about the upcoming SharePoint Server 2010 Here are some technical diagrams and Visio diagrams on architecture for SharePoint Server 2010 Title Visio PDF Description Services in SharePoint 2010 Products Visio PDF Describes and illustrates the services architecture, including and common ways to deploy services […]

ASP.NET IIS SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 now supports Integrated ASP.NET Pipeline

I have been waiting to see this transition of SharePoint 2007 currently working in classic mode ASP.NET pipeline even when running under Win 2008/IIS 7.0. Win 2008 and IIS 7.0 has improved a lot and has been very modular. IIS 7.0 has ability to operate the application pool under Integrated mode ASP.NET pipeline which essentially […]


Boot From VHD – Replacing Vista or Windows 2008 Bootloader with Windows 7 Bootloader

Windows 7 introduce a cool feature enabling us to boot OS on bare metal from a VHD file. This is done by using the new bootloader which comes with Windows 7. So many people out there (specially techie) who might have vista or windows 2008 as their OS might want to try out Windows 7 […]

SharePoint WSS

SharePoint Calculated Columns Formulas

SharePoint/WSS has field type which is calculated column. This is very handy for end users who do not have to run to their IT for new calculated data they require. Well but they are not well documented and not everyone knows tricks to put formulas to work. I have numerous situations where I need to […]


SharePoint Cumulative Update for Feb 2009

Microsoft has released cumulative update for WSS 3.0 on 24 Feb which has the following HotFix 961750 ( ) Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package (Sts.msp): February 24, 2009 963023 ( ) Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package (Sts.msp): January 27, 2009 961175 ( ) Description of the Windows […]