Exchange SharePoint

Configuring SharePoint 2010 Document Libraries with Exchange Server 2010 to receive mails from internal/external world

This article will help you to configure SharePoint 2010/2007 server to receive Incoming emails. Following are high level step in order to configure this

  • Configure SMTP Server on SharePoint Server which will receive emails
  • Configure SharePoint to pick up the email from the SMTP server
  • Configure Document Library to receive email
  • Configure Exchange Server, create External Email ID
  • Configure Exchange Server, create "Transport Rule"
  • Configure Exchange Server, create "Send Connector"
SharePoint WSS

Installing a language pack for SharePoint (MOSS SP1 and WSS 3.0 SP1)

Installing SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) or WSS 3.0 in multi-lingual environment is not point and click process. It take you a while to download and install them all. Also it depends on how many language are you supporting. To enable SharePoint for multi-lingual contents you need to install the following component and most importantly you have […]