Determine the site template used to create SharePoint sites

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I was facing an issue where two site which were look alike but behaved differently, the navigation and bread crumbs were laid differently. We have a standard process to using pre defined templates and as per the request for site creation both the site were suppose to have Team Site template and I guess they [...]


Installing a language pack for SharePoint (MOSS SP1 and WSS 3.0 SP1)

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Installing SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) or WSS 3.0 in multi-lingual environment is not point and click process. It take you a while to download and install them all. Also it depends on how many language are you supporting. To enable SharePoint for multi-lingual contents you need to install the following component and most importantly you have [...]


Enumerating all Document Libraries and Form Libraries in a Site Collection Using SQL

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Recently I had a situation where I needed to produce a list of all Document Libraries and Forms Libraries within a site collection along with associated template attached to them. The site collection was quite huge with the database size of over 75 Gigs and thousands of libraries and the environment was SharePoint Portal Server [...]


Troubleshooting/Debugging SharePoint

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Most of cases you would have had hard time to figure out error with SharePoint. SharePoint is know to be bad when it comes to providing verbose error and debugging environment. There are few tricks which can save you a lot of time when you are in trouble. – modify web.config for verbose errors (server) [...]


Using Virtualization for Rapid SharePoint Development

The purpose of this post is not to discuss what virtualization is. You can find lot of resources on other blog for the same. You can refer to this Wikipedia Article as an appetizer. I have used Virtualization technology for long time now. I have used technologies from VMWare (Industry Leader), Connectix (Now taken over [...]


Optimizing SharePoint or WSS for large document size

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The default max single file upload size is 50 MB by default for a web application.  Microsoft IT limits their environment at 100 MB, and the maximum that the product itself can handle or support is 2GB which is essentially a SQL limit.  By setting the limit to blank will essentially support what SQL will [...]


Hello world!

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Oh… so as always try new things with hello world… seems that the blog is up and running working as expected. So now let’s start the ball rolling. It’s been planned long time back but then went to a back burner due to lack of time. My intent for creating blog is to share the [...]

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