Utility to recursively “Unblock” files downloaded from Internet

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Windows

I recently downloaded almost all utilities from SysInternals they offer a single package called Suite and you can download it from here Download Sysinternals Suite Now when you run these programs you get this nagging popup every time you run files which are downloaded from internet.


Enumerating all Document Libraries and Form Libraries in a Site Collection Using SQL

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under SharePoint, WSS

Recently I had a situation where I needed to produce a list of all Document Libraries and Forms Libraries within a site collection along with associated template attached to them. The site collection was quite huge with the database size of over 75 Gigs and thousands of libraries and the environment was SharePoint Portal Server [...]


Dell D830 Setting up Vista 64-Bit

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Vista

I just got a beefy Dell D830 at my work which was loaded with 4GB of RAM as 32-Bit OS (Vista/XP) does not support 4GB of RAM I decided to go with 64-Bit version of Vista Enterprise. I went ahead to the Dell site and looked up drivers for D830 on Vista 64-Bit platform here [...]


Troubleshooting/Debugging SharePoint

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under IIS, SharePoint, WSS

Most of cases you would have had hard time to figure out error with SharePoint. SharePoint is know to be bad when it comes to providing verbose error and debugging environment. There are few tricks which can save you a lot of time when you are in trouble. – modify web.config for verbose errors (server) [...]


TFS Tools and Utilities – Part II : Email Subscription

TFS has a feature for sending email on various events to the subscribers. Users can subscribe for an limited events from the Team Explorer (The default events are quite frequently needed and should satisfy need for most of them). Following is how you can use email alert in TFS Open Team Explorer (Crtl+\, Ctrl+M) Right-click [...]


TFS Tools and Utilities – Part I : User Permissions

TFS though a good product lack a lot of administration UI. Typically this is not a characteristic of a Microsoft product. When I first installed and started using TFS I went around searching for any administration console on the server which is more common for a Microsoft product but could not find one. Then I [...]


TFS 2005 Customize Work Item Template and Process Template – Part III

Most businesses have some established ways of getting work completed, from loosely-organized tasks to highly formalized systems. These methods for getting work completed are called processes, and the collection of processes is called process. Processes develop over time to meet business needs. Many companies and organizations have formalized process and process guidance to help companies [...]


TFS 2005 Customize Work Item Template and Process Template – Part II

Welcome to second post in series “TFS 2005 Customize Work Item Template and Process Template” I hope you have found my first post to be useful and by now you would have figured out the way to do various customization for TFS using the Power Tools. But for those who are yet to try it [...]


TFS 2005 Customize Work Item Template and Process Template – Part I

Recently I’ve been customizing work item templates in team foundation server – we have been using the CMMi process out-of-the-box but inevitably after some continued use the process now needs some changes and some work item adjusted. I realize that some companies customize straight away – their processes are clearly defined and TFS needs to [...]


Using Virtualization for Rapid SharePoint Development

The purpose of this post is not to discuss what virtualization is. You can find lot of resources on other blog for the same. You can refer to this Wikipedia Article as an appetizer. I have used Virtualization technology for long time now. I have used technologies from VMWare (Industry Leader), Connectix (Now taken over [...]

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