Drivers HP DV6000 Vista 64-Bit (DV6775US) 4GB RAM

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I had to upgrade my personal laptop which is HP DV6000 ( Part # DV6775US ) to Vista 64-Bit Ultimate edition. I took the laptop with Vista Home premium 32-Bit and have used it for a while. I have decided to upgrade my laptop to 4GB of ram and discovered that 32-Bit won’t use all [...]


Determine the site template used to create SharePoint sites

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I was facing an issue where two site which were look alike but behaved differently, the navigation and bread crumbs were laid differently. We have a standard process to using pre defined templates and as per the request for site creation both the site were suppose to have Team Site template and I guess they [...]


Excel 2007 creating Hyperlinks programmatically

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Today, I had to create a excel repot on SharePoint Libraries (Document and Forms Library) used and URL for each of them. As discussed in the earlier post I had already extracted the information from SharePoint using direct SQL access Enumerating all Document Libraries and Form Libraries in a Site Collection Using SQL The excel [...]


Installing a language pack for SharePoint (MOSS SP1 and WSS 3.0 SP1)

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Installing SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) or WSS 3.0 in multi-lingual environment is not point and click process. It take you a while to download and install them all. Also it depends on how many language are you supporting. To enable SharePoint for multi-lingual contents you need to install the following component and most importantly you have [...]


Remove InfoPath form template from local cache

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The first time a form template is launched, InfoPath places it into its form template cache. On each subsequently launch, InfoPath will first check to see whether the template is already in the cache. This is very beneficial for forms that are only available online. If you are working with an online form, and you [...]


Permanently Disable file “Unblock” security feature in Vista

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Yesterday I have posted about to “Unblock” the files which are downloaded from other computers or Internet using the console utility from Sysinternals called Streams.exe. Read about it here Utility to recursively “Unblock” files downloaded from InternetPermanent Link to The reason for this is because, in Vista, the file’s zone information is being preserved within [...]


A New Look with Professional Looking WordPress Theme

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I have been trying various themes for long time. Could not settle down with any one. No theme is full proof as the requirement and taste differs for each individuals The blogging system I used on this blog is WordPress powered version 2.6 which is one the best around considering it small footprint and extensibility [...]

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Utility to recursively “Unblock” files downloaded from Internet

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Windows

I recently downloaded almost all utilities from SysInternals they offer a single package called Suite and you can download it from here Download Sysinternals Suite Now when you run these programs you get this nagging popup every time you run files which are downloaded from internet.

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