Drivers HP DV6000 Vista 64-Bit (DV6775US) 4GB RAM

I had to upgrade my personal laptop which is HP DV6000 ( Part # DV6775US ) to Vista 64-Bit Ultimate edition. I took the laptop with Vista Home premium 32-Bit and have used it for a while. I have decided to upgrade my laptop to 4GB of ram and discovered that 32-Bit won’t use all of it and i would still be capped with 3GB of ram. As RAM and Hard drivers are getting cheaper I ordered both additional 2GB of ram as my original configuration had 3GB ( 1x2GB and 1x1GB module) and a 320GB 7200RPM 16 MB Cache Seagate internal SATA-II hard drive.

I decided to do a clean install as upgrading the existing 32-Bit Vista OS will carry over a lot of crap HP Software. I did not even go ahead to analyze if the upgrade was even possible moving from 32-Bit to 64-Bit. Now it was time to check if I had 64-Bit drivers. Well it was not a surprise, HP never bundles the drivers disk with the newer cheap laptops (and this is the reason they are cheaper) and also they do not even distribute/support 64-Bit drivers on its support/download site cutting them additional cost and bringing the cost of laptop down.

Where do I get the 64-Bit drivers from? Well they are on your disk C:\swsetup\ its not organized but all of the drivers are in there. Browse to random directories and can you can see that each device drivers folders had x86 and x64 Vista64 folders so I was pretty confident that these will work. I made a backup of them on the new hard drive (the new hard drive was already partitioned and plugged in my USB)

As I had the newer hard disk on which I intended to install 64-Bit vista I did not bother to make backup of my existing install. Went ahead and fitted the new hard drive, inserted the vista cd and… I will not discuss any further as this is no brainer. Vista 64-Bit Ultimate was up and running. I loaded drivers one by one which went smooth and I could see Unknown devices in the Device Manager to disappear. Image of what my device manager looked like.


I can now access entire 4GB of RAM. There was a significant performance improvement by adding 7200RPM disk and also I had updated my Vista to SP1 which in my opinion drove me to use Vista.. as always by SP1 lot of bugs are resolved and you are assured to get a product which has been tested in Real world and not just labs.

In case if anyone reading this is interested to have 64-Bit drivers drop me a comment and I would upload it. all drivers currently are approx. 380MB uncompressed and so I am not uploading it with this post.

EDIT: I have uploaded the driver here

By Sameer Dhoot

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hey im doing a clean instal of vista and replacing my hd in my dv6000 as well. any way you can hook me up with thos drives? they will really come in handy when im ready. thanks!

hey i want to do the exact same thing you did on my DV6338 so that the 4 gigs can be fully use

will there be any motherboard issues with using 4 gigs after i upgrade to 64bit version of Vista??

also, is the performance increase drastic? because im worried its vista thats slowing things down regardless of ram

There would be no motherboard issue if you upgrade to 4GB of RAM and i assume that your motherboard is capable of handling 4GB RAM. You can find if 4GB is supported for your system, this can be found in specs of your system or alternatively go to the BIOS and check if you the information page lists 4GB RAM. Also you would have to load all 64-bit drivers for you hardware so that all the hardware works as designed to do.

And you will not see a drastic performance improvement (I assume that you are currently using 3GB of RAM) 3GB of ram is much more that what Vista requries to operate efficiently. So its something with you software configuration which is slowing down the vista. Also if you have lot of softwares and drivers loaded there is a lot of disk activity, this will slow down the response time and to get around this issue i would suggest you to upgrade to 7200RPM drive with 16MB cache.

Hi Sameer , thanks for your upload for the HP 64bit driver. I also trying to install a 64bit VISTA into my new hard disk but could i ask for ur guidance how u actually try to install the OS. I read from your post that you create a new partition in your new hard disk and just “throw” the driver into the new partion and install the OS into another partition ?

What about the integrated webcam? Are there drivers for that as well, didn’t see them in the zip. Perhaps I missed them.

amazing article, congrats..i installed windows 7 x86 on my dv6775us and it was faster than the Vista x86..after 4 months (today) i just installed another giga of ram to reach the 4gb mark..i was surprised with the notice telling me that 4gb where installed and only 3gb were usable. anyway, thanks for the article, i am going to upgrade my windows 7×86 to 64bit.

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