Hello world!

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Oh… so as always try new things with hello world... seems that the blog is up and running working as expected.

So now let’s start the ball rolling. It's been planned long time back but then went to a back burner due to lack of time. My intent for creating blog is to share the experience I had with the community from whom I took the knowledge. As when I run into problems I refer to my companion GOOGLE which seems to friend for almost every IT guy. There are countless blogs out there for any particular topic, but which one is the best? Some of them can lead to resolution of problem you have and sometimes it may take weeks to unravel the mystery. So each blog has a unique problem and unique solution and the answer to your problem might be aggregation of these various blogs.
So I had some unique experience which I need to tell the world and help unknown net friends solve their problems.

Well, this blog is SharePoint centric as this is the current technology I am working on. You can find more details about my profile from the about page.

So keep reading…

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