I hope that you find my blog of interest. It is SharePoint, TFS, VMWare ESX centric as this is what I am currently working on, but my aim is to write about all of the competencies described in my profile.

All of my writing here is based on the experience I had with various products. I will make my best effort to write in detail about the topic but it will always be focused towards fulfilling my requirement and may not be an authoritative or complete source of information on particular topic. Mostly the post’s would cover tips & tricks, workarounds or documenting missing information from official product guide or online documentation. Its very hard to document things there is always something missing and this is how BLOG’s evolved (Part of Web 2.0). People usually figure out their way when in trouble with any product and often forgets to document the things, importance and essence of this is still not realized but slowly catching up. Most of the organizations around worldwide are realizing the need for Knowledge Management and Web 2.0.

In case if you need (or want to give) some additional information on particular topic always feel free to drop comments on that topic thread.

The content here is mostly picked from various source for which the copyright belong to the original author and I would provide credits to the original author wherever possible. In case if you do find some content here which would constitute a violation of copyrights, I would remove those contents.

I would welcome contributors and critics who would help to build this blog in terms of better contents and usability.

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