SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Installing Support for East Asian Languages

We are trying to setup a multilingual public facing site using SharePoint’s WCM features. We wanted several languages which also included Korean, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified). Back when I deployed SP2007 on Windows Server 2003 for a multilingual solution, I had to install some operating system specific file to get support for East Asian Languages [...]


Boot From VHD – Replacing Vista or Windows 2008 Bootloader with Windows 7 Bootloader

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Windows

Windows 7 introduce a cool feature enabling us to boot OS on bare metal from a VHD file. This is done by using the new bootloader which comes with Windows 7. So many people out there (specially techie) who might have vista or windows 2008 as their OS might want to try out Windows 7 [...]


Windows Shortcuts

Posted by Amit Sharma under Windows

We all know a few or every available Shortcuts in Windows. Mainly they are “Windows Key” + other keys But we need more (humans are always greedy:D) lol Not just greedy, some people are lazy too, like me and don’t even want to do more than a few clicks. Without clicks, one can not use [...]


Drivers HP DV6000 Vista 64-Bit (DV6775US) 4GB RAM

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Windows

I had to upgrade my personal laptop which is HP DV6000 ( Part # DV6775US ) to Vista 64-Bit Ultimate edition. I took the laptop with Vista Home premium 32-Bit and have used it for a while. I have decided to upgrade my laptop to 4GB of ram and discovered that 32-Bit won’t use all [...]


Permanently Disable file “Unblock” security feature in Vista

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Vista, Windows

Yesterday I have posted about to “Unblock” the files which are downloaded from other computers or Internet using the console utility from Sysinternals called Streams.exe. Read about it here Utility to recursively “Unblock” files downloaded from InternetPermanent Link to The reason for this is because, in Vista, the file’s zone information is being preserved within [...]


Utility to recursively “Unblock” files downloaded from Internet

Posted by Sameer Dhoot under Windows

I recently downloaded almost all utilities from SysInternals they offer a single package called Suite and you can download it from here Download Sysinternals Suite Now when you run these programs you get this nagging popup every time you run files which are downloaded from internet.

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