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The first time a form template is launched, InfoPath places it into its form template cache. On each subsequently launch, InfoPath will first check to see whether the template is already in the cache. This is very beneficial for forms that are only available online. If you are working with an online form, and you go offline, the cached form template is still available.

While you are still designing your form template you will be testing the work you do. If you preview your form template from the designer, all of the latest changes will be made available. But previewing is not always an appropriate method to test your form. If you save the form template and then launch it from another method, the latest changes might not be made available if the form template is already in the cache. To remedy this you will need to remove the form template from the cache.

Removing a form template from the cache is accomplished differently based on whether it was installed from a .msi file. You are not allowed to remove an installed form template in the same way you can a normal form template. Installed form templates must be uninstalled.

In this task, we will learn how to remove a normal, and an installed form template from the InfoPath cache. This will force InfoPath to reload the form template from the source the next time it is launched, thus making available any recent changes.

Remove a normal form template from the InfoPath cache (Using InfoPath):

  • Using InfoPath
  • Close any open instance of the form template you want to remove.
  • Launch InfoPath, or if InfoPath is already open choose Fill Out A Form from the File menu.
  • In the Fill Out A Form dialog box, select the form that you want to have removed from the cache.
  • If you do not find the form listed, select the All Forms category, and then look again.
  • Click Remove This Form in the Form Tasks.

Remove a normal form template from the InfoPath cache (Using Windows Explorer):

  • Shutdown InfoPath client if it is open
  • Open Windows explorer
  • Browse to the following directory C:\Documents and Settings\sameerdhoot\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2\ (Replace "sameerdhoot" with your user name)
  • Delete all content from the folder

Remove an installed form template from the InfoPath cache:

  1. Shut down InfoPath.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Launch Add Or Remove Programs.
  4. Locate and select the installed form template, and then click Remove.
  5. Click Yes if asked whether you are sure you want to remove the form template from your computer.

That's it. You have successfully removed a form from the cache. For a normal form template, you only need to launch it again and it will be added back to the cache with the latest changes. An installed form must be reinstalled from an updated .msi file.

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