Dell D830 Setting up Vista 64-Bit

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I just got a beefy Dell D830 at my work which was loaded with 4GB of RAM as 32-Bit OS (Vista/XP) does not support 4GB of RAM I decided to go with 64-Bit version of Vista Enterprise.

I went ahead to the Dell site and looked up drivers for D830 on Vista 64-Bit platform here is the link


- Also I had the Finger Print scanner made by UPEK for which the drivers were available but not the software which can utilize the scanner.
- Figured out that there are no driver for the TouchPad which is made by Alps. But decided that this is not that important.

So I went ahead and everything was smooth and all the drivers worked from the Dell site. So now I focused to get the above mentioned things working.

 Making UPEK Scanner work

I got to this blog post and followed the instructions here to download the FingerPrint scanner/Reader software from IBM site which apparently was moved to previous version

image thumb Dell D830 Setting up Vista 64 Bit

Download, install, reboot, login and then start the User Enrollment software from the program group NOTE: I did not configure or apply the registry setting as instructed on the blog

image thumb1 Dell D830 Setting up Vista 64 Bit

Well I would not go beyond this and can always refer to additional help from the software or Google.

Making Touchpad work with additional features

I did go to lot of blog and forums and finally found this one which helped me get to Alps driver for Vista 64-Bit

Here is the link to driver R157047.EXE which worked and thus helping me to use the scroll zones and finetune the touchapad and pointing stick settings.

So anyone with different experience or issue can leave a comment and will try to see if i can help.

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  1. mdyayayaya ….. * Many people think *…. the author thanks for the post!

  2. Thank as lot this has helped me a lot. I found the post after playing around with various drives and blog… good work..

  3. Do you know i this will for Windows 2008 64-Bit. I will be using Hyper-V and that the reason i want Win 2008 rather than Vista…

  4. Steve,

    i have tried this with Win 2008 and all drivers which work in Vista are working on Win 2008 as well. I am also using Hyper-V which is much better than using Virtual PC or Virtual server on Vista. I have seen a significant performance improvement after moving to Hyper-V.

  5. I would like to comment on where it says “32-Bit OS (Vista/XP) does not support 4GB of RAM I decided to go with 64-Bit version of Vista Enterprise.”

    while going through internet, i found this one which says above mentioned statement is not purely true :),2845,2342926,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532

    just wanted to notify :)

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