SharePoint Planning and Architecture Resources : Visio Diagrams

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Arno Nel has published links to a really cool set of Visio drawings that relate to Microsoft SharePoint on his blog: Arno Nel 2.0 - The Information Worker. The diagrams illustrate models, scenarios, and flowcharts for planning, designing and deploying SharePoint installations.

These high-quality Visio drawings were created by Microsoft for the TechNet site, and include 16 model diagrams, 18 scenario diagrams and 3 flowcharts relating to SharePoint. That’s 37 awesome Visio diagrams in all!

The diagrams are poster sized, but you can print them on regular Letter or A4 sized paper by using the File > Page Setup… dialog:

page setup dialog SharePoint Planning and Architecture Resources : Visio Diagrams

Just click the Fit to radio button and enter 1 sheet across by 1 sheet down, then pray that your printer has a real high resolution.

For your convenience, here’s the list of Visio drawing-links:




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  1. Those Visio diagram are excellent,

    Please microsoft provide the visio diagram for Team Foundation Intergration with SharePoint 2007

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