SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Installing Support for East Asian Languages

We are trying to setup a multilingual public facing site using SharePoint's WCM features. We wanted several languages which also included Korean, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).

Back when I deployed SP2007 on Windows Server 2003 for a multilingual solution, I had to install some operating system specific file to get support for East Asian Languages and languages with complex script. Following below is the dialog which was in Windows 2003 to get these files installed

Install.Complex.Script.Files thumb SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Installing Support for East Asian Languages 

If you read the following TechNet article Deploy language packs (SharePoint Server 2010) it says the following

By default, most language files are installed on the Windows Server 2008 operating system. However, you must install supplemental language files for East Asian languages and languages that use complex script or require right-to-left orientations. The East Asian languages include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The complex script and right-to-left oriented languages include Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, the Indic languages, Thai, and Vietnamese. Instructions for installing these supplemental language files are provided in the following procedure

If you are installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows Server 2008/R2 this option was removed. So thanks to Jie Li (Microsoft) and Michael Kaplan (Microsoft) who confirmed that this is not required. This is the response

In Vista, we removed the configuration setting completely. Every version of Windows >= Vista HAS full support of East Asian Languages and Complex Scripts;

So you can ignore this step in you deployment and straight away start deploying the SharePoint specific language pack file.

UPDATE: Following our discussion MS updated the TechNet article on 4/21 to remove these step form the deployment process.

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